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Bach + Schlarb: Discussion 1

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Schlarb at Hole Mole

Chris and I met at Hole Mole (Wardlow) in Long Beach for an engaged discussion about junkyards, music, Twilight & Ghost Stories, recording, Fire Music, Psychic Temple, documentation, and creativity. No session has been announced, but we agreed that I would send him a series of recordings to get things started. Chris will then digest the material and see what sparks. We’ll reconvene and take it from there.

A transcript of our conversation will be posted here at a later date. Stay tuned for more developments.

Bach + Schlarb: Materials 1

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Twilight and Ghost Stories

I share this image with my students each quarter as an example of well-considered mix map. I hope to inspire them to think of the multi-track mix as an organic, complex system. Some of them get it, I think.

I certainly do, and I know that Chris does.

If the map is not the place, then every place is ultimately unable to be mapped. Let the map and the place to which it points coexist in a system not of binaries but of simultaneity.

Let there be a score for the recording. A proposal and then a transcription. Between the two are the learning and the discovery.

Bach + Schlarb: the recording factor

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What role does recording play in where we place ourselves along the composition/improvisation continuum?

Will the fidelity of the recording(s) determine the direction of the project?

Can the studio as place be incorporated into the raw material of the project?

Glenn Bach and Chris Schlarb

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Chris Schlarb at (photo by John Kannenberg)

Chris Schlarb will join me in the second installment of Atlas Sets, with an initial meeting on Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at Hole Mole.

I first met Chris in 2000 when I shared a gig with his band Create! as part of an experimental music series at Sacred Grounds coffeehouse in San Pedro. Chris brought me on to jam with Scott Cornish and Andrew Pompey for his series, Notice, at Fendi’s Cafe in Long Beach. I later curated I Heart Lung in, and Chris used some of my sounds for his Twilight & Ghost Stories album on Asthmatic Kitty. I’ve followed his work closely (I curated a live performance of his soundtrack for the Nightsky videogame for the 2009 Slow Sound festival), and we’ve been friends for a while, but have never directly collaborated until now.

I’m looking forward to what I’m sure will be a wide-ranging discussion of music, practice, and inspiration.

More to follow.