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Bach + Byrnes: Tati as source

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Screenshot of “Mon Oncle,” by Jacques Tati

For the first segment of our March 16 session, I will perform an impromptu, and completely non-professional “Foley” interpretation of the sounds of selected scenes from the films of Jacques Tati.  Watching a silenced clip I will respond by activating various objects, instruments, and noisemakers to generate sounds with only a circumstantial relationship to the original visual impetus. My sonic activity will serve as source for Ted as he improvises to my clunky, and I hope not entirely inept, soundtrack.

I chose Tati not only because of the strong presence and personality of the sound design in his films, but also because through his main character and alter ego Monsieur Hulot, Tati explores issues of modernity, technology and a general sense of being “out of place.” This is embodied in his soundtracks, which seem to be added entirely in post-production to what are effectively silent films. The added value of sound-to-image is not at all transparent, with the jarring and often disembodied sounds contributing to the sense of displacement and absurdity in the narrative.

Since Ted will not be able to see the monitor and the visual source for my sounds, he will be removed from the original impetus and must respond to an already “compromised” soundtrack. These layers of slippage will, I hope, result in a complex and nuanced improvisation.

Bach + Byrnes: Discussion 1

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Believe the hype: the egg sandwich at Euro Pane is delicious.

Ted and I met for lunch at Euro Pane in Pasadena on February 28, 2012. (The actual location was the third of the sites I charted on Street View.)


Ted Byrnes

We discussed our recent moves (Eagle Rock to Pasadena for Ted, Long Beach to Mar Vista for me), percussion, and ideas about improvisation and approach.


Chilly Pasadena sky

An edited transcript will follow. In the meantime, a couple of themes have developed:

* Density

* Trace/Stencil (a visual resource guides the improvisation, then is removed/erased, leaving the resulting sound events to stand on their own)

* Studio ambience


Pasadena ambience

Bach + Schlarb: the recording factor

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What role does recording play in where we place ourselves along the composition/improvisation continuum?

Will the fidelity of the recording(s) determine the direction of the project?

Can the studio as place be incorporated into the raw material of the project?