Bach + Mantione: current state of mind

“I often go through through these spells where everything, and I mean everything, I hear sounds fantastic…and that is where I am right now.  From the hum of my laptop fan to the most banal apple loop and everything in between.  On the surface this may seem like a good place to be, but I find it disconcerting and impossible to write.  But having been here before I realize it’s a temporary phenomenon and before long my taste will over-power any sense of anarchic aural freedom I may be enjoying at the moment.  I also realize that remnants will remain in my psyche and will merge in unexpected ways.  So I tend to let things ride and enjoy it.

All this being said I have no idea what you and I will create together and I find this exhilarating.  I’ve experimented a lot in my musical life with altered and verbatim field recordings, acousmatic contrivations, sample-based music, electroacoustic music, interactive music, acoustic music, free and not so free improvisation, hacked electronics, etc.  I’ve always thought that at some point I’d find a place to settle–to focus.  This hasn’t really happened and I’ve decided to not [care] one way or the other.  I give myself the license to do whatever I want.  Of course the key word here is want.  Which carries a [lot] of philosophical, psychological and historical baggage.

Baggage may seem like a negative term, and in a sense I mean it to be.  If there is a frame of mind that defines my musical thinking it’s the idea of existing or oscillating on a continuum with all the things I’ve heard and sounds I’ve created on one end, and all the things I haven’t heard or even imagined on the other.  I don’t think I can live fully on either side, but have always felt most satisfied in the discovery end of the spectrum.”

–Phil Mantione, 17 April 2012


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