Glenn Bach and Ted Byrnes


Ted Byrnes as part of Sound. at Fiesta Hall, Pilgrimage from Scattered Points.

The first set in Atlas Sets has been scheduled: Tuesday, February 28, with Ted Byrnes in Pasadena. I met Ted in Eagle Rock at the rehearsal for the Scratch Orchestra event sponsored by SASSAS. After pairing up for one of the small scores, we noticed an instant musical connection. The event itself was very successful and a lot of fun. Ted later invited me and Steuart Liebig to join him and Ari DeSano in the performance of their score, “5×5,” for another SASSAS-sponsored event at Kings Road Park Pavilion in West Hollywood.

Ted and I have been planning a duo jam ever since, and now our planning takes on extra layers of context as part of Atlas Sets.

More info, and documentation, to follow.


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